Give to this year’s Christmas Eve Offering supporting a refugee family from Afghanistan as they make a home in Greensboro.

Afghan refugees constitute one of the largest populations of refugees in the world — a number that has grown dramatically with recent humanitarian crisis and upheaval. Some 125,000 refugees from Afghanistan are arriving to the United States. Greensboro, which has long been a welcoming and generous community, is welcoming new arrivals every week. They arrive with very little, finding themselves in an unfamiliar setting. The need for support and welcome is great and urgent!

In Greensboro, the resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan is coordinated by two primary agencies: African Services Coalition and Church World Service. African Services Coalition is coordinating the immediate resettlement of 300 people. They are doing this work with limited funding and staff.

First Baptist, led by our Missions Committee, is forming a co-sponsorship team with African Services Coalition that will support and accompany an Afghan family in their earliest days in our community. We will join numerous groups of neighbors, friends, book clubs, and other congregations who are already sharing in this important work. All money collected in our Christmas Eve Offering will fund this resettlement work. The average cost for the resettlement of a family is $5,000.

You can give at Or text FBCGSO EVE to 73256 to give to the Christmas Eve fund using your text messaging. Standard text messaging rates may apply. 

On Christmas Eve, we will celebrate the birth of one who immediately faced threats, and whose family was forced to flee violence in order to remain whole and safe. Perhaps that’s part of why, as he grew, he taught us that when we welcome the stranger, or support the vulnerable, we are doing so even for him. Please consider a gift this Christmas as one way to demonstrate our faith in the one who welcomes all people home.

For more on NC African Services Coalition, visit ( And to join our co-sponsor team, contact Ashley Chandler (336-274-3286,