Learn about the variety of opportunities for gathering and growing on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Greensboro. We hope you’ll try a new class or rekindle your connection to an established class, and find the best place to learn and grow in your faith. A list of class locations can be found in the atrium on Sunday mornings.

Teachers: Robert Angell, Will Crawford, Janice Newsom and Dale Singley

Life Stage: 60s and older 

Room: 204


The Agape Class invites you to join them in study of the Scriptures in an environment where discussion and member participation are valued. The class, composed of couples and singles in their 50s and older, although any age is welcome, is a safe place to discuss ideas as all opinions are respected. The study is led by facilitators using the Nurturing Faith curriculum, with the approach “how can I use this lesson to better my life and relationship with God”. The class is caring of members and shares joys and concerns. Prayers are lifted. Life experiences are shared.  There is frequent laughter as well as compassion. Members are often involved in community and church volunteer activities and gather for social and holiday occasions.

Teacher: John Suggs          

Life Stage: Senior Men

Room: 208

The Barnabas-Caldwell class is specifically intended for senior men. Using the Nurturing Faith curriculum, this class employs a combination of lecture and discussion with ample class participation. This class is a Bible study in which most members come prepared on Sunday to discuss the week’s lesson in detail. The goal is for members to find a take away from each lesson that can be applied to daily lives. The class likes to fellowship with each other, support the church and other chosen projects.

Teachers: Brandon Russell and John Setchfield

Life Stage: Young adults with or without children, youth and college kids. 

Room: 218

The Beloved class welcomes anyone who might describe themselves as a “younger” adult- single or married, and whether or not you have children, teenagers, or young adults. This class will study Scripture with the goals of applying it to everyday living, and learning more about one’s individual faith. This class will seek to provide community, spiritual growth, and support for all of its members.

Teacher: Scott Culclasure

Life Stage: All 

Room: 101

The Covenant class is committed to the in-depth study of Scripture. Class lessons are based on the Nurturing Faith curriculum. The class combines lecture as a way of contextualizing the scriptural passage with open-ended class discussion. Instead of insisting on a single way of reading the Bible, members are invited to consider points of view different from their own, which helps in consider anew the wonders of God’s word. Class members represent all ages and are both couples and singles. Members are encouraged to participate in discussion and to be respectful of perspectives different from their own. There is plenty of laughter and time to share our sorrows and concerns with each other and through prayer.

Teacher: Joe Garcia

Life Stage: All

Room: 102

A Gathering Community class welcomes any and all to this book-based study. Class members range from ages 20-85 and include singles, couples and those both new to the church and “veterans”. Class members make suggestions for book studies and the majority decides. Weekly discussions are led by a facilitator and all are treated with respect and acceptance. It is the hope that any who would visit would find an immediate sense of comfort and belonging while having challenging and hearty dialogues. There is a feeling of freedom to express differing ideas and opinions without fear or embarrassment. The class also enjoys sharing prayers concerns, developing friendship and growing in faith together.

Contact: Sally Skidmore /Courtney Willis 

Life Stage: Adults with Special Needs 

The Happy Hearts class is a special education class that meets Sunday mornings and provides a loving community in which its members can engage in meaningful Bible study and Christian fellowship. During the year the Happy Hearts class participates in special events, such as picnics, bingo and pizza with the youth, holiday dinners, and a weekend retreat. This class currently doesn’t meet but hopes to resume again soon!

Teachers: Thom Little

Life Stage: Adults with maturing children and/or aging parents

Room: Cafe

The Journey class currently meets both virtually and hybrid (adapting as needed). The class welcomes anyone, but may be of particular interest to those who are in the stage of life where they are shifting from caring for maturing children to supporting aging parents. Using Nurturing Faith and book studies chosen by the class, members enjoys facilitated discussions about the meaning of scripture and what they can teach about how we should live today. This class also enjoys getting together for fellowship, laughter and support for each other.

Teachers: Darl Champion, Marietta Noel, David Rowe 

Life Stage: Upper 60s and older 

Room: 203

The Koinonia class uses the Nurturing Faith curriculum with the teacher presenting the lesson based on the scripture for the particular week. The emphasis of this class is on how the Bible study and material are relevant to living today. Members are encouraged to actively participate, but no one is forced to speak out. In this class, members’ ages begin in the upper 60’s and include a combination of couples, widow(er)s and singles. The class is very caring and consider fellow members to be part of the class family. Anyone who joins the class is immediately made welcome and accepted by everyone. 

Wondering where you fit in? Are you interested becoming a teacher? Do you have an idea for a new class?

Connect with Rev. Courtney Willis, Associate Pastor Spiritual Formation and Congregational Care | courtney@fbcgso.org or (336) 274 – 3286 ex 113