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In our program, children are afforded the opportunity to engage in developmentally appropriate play and learning activities with their peers.


We encourage positive social experiences in order to develop social-emotional skills and social language abilities. Incorporated into our daily routines are sensory-rich activities that encourage growth across all developmental domains. Our program works to support the development of the whole child, to include cognitive development, faith development, fine and gross motor skills, social/coping skills, problem-solving skills, language abilities and pre-academic concepts. We follow a faith-based curriculum, but we also plan activities based on children’s interests. We incorporate the natural environment into our daily routines to encourage environmental conscientiousness and to help children establish a positive relationship with nature. Opportunities to participate in movement and music classes nurture children’s artistic abilities.

We also believe that all children should be included regardless of ability level, race/ethnicity, or cultural background. We believe that we can all learn from each other’s unique perspectives and life experiences. We partner with families and provide many opportunities for families to volunteer and interact with the school by contributing their unique gifts and talents. We partner with the church to include children and families in service learning projects in order to teach stewardship within the larger community and to our church family.

The Weekday School partners with UNCG’s School of Human Development and Family Studies in order to provide practicum placements to their child development and birth-Kindergarten student teachers. HDFS students learn classroom management, developmentally appropriate practices, parent/teacher communication strategies and lesson planning and implementation during their practicums with us. We are excited about this partnership because not only do the students learn from us, we also learn from them as they grow as educators.

Finally, it is our hope that children graduating from the Weekday School program are well-prepared to enter elementary school with the skills necessary to face whatever comes their way with grace, kindness, and the confidence that knowing God can provide.




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