The voices and leadership of all of our members are vital. Some members represent the congregation in specific positions of leadership and collaboration with our pastors and staff. Those currently serving as part of our Deacons and leadership Committees are listed below.


Deacons shall at all times regard themselves as servants of the Church.  With the Pastor, and as the Holy Spirit may direct, they are to prayerfully make recommendations to the membership in all matters pertaining to the mission and ministries of the church and shall assist the Pastor in observance of the ordinances.  They shall have general oversight of the upkeep, repair and use of property, shall supervise the Church’s financial program, and shall arrange and have regular meetings and establish such Committees as are necessary to the discharge of their duties.

Class of 2023

Adam Barnes

Marie Delgado

Krisitie Ellis

Seth Hix (Chair)

Harold Knight

Elaine McRae

Ryan Moody

Angela Perry

Penny Rowe

Kevin Starr

Levone Tobin-Scott

Ellis Vaughan


Class of 2024

 Cheryl Angel 

Darlene Biffle 

Megan Kesler 

Graham Lyles 

Tammy Miller 

Ben Norman 

Mary Petriskie 

Beth Shaffer 

Ryan Shively 

Gayle Wager 

Joe White 

Richard Wiley 


Class of 2025

Norma Adams

Kara Cox

Louise Garcia
Cooper Harrell

Clare Johnson

Thom Little
Margaret Petty

Joyce Setchfield
Tom Smith

Laura Wall

Committees fulfill the operational role of the Church. The Committee on Committees shall nominate to the Church in conference a list of all Standing Committees and their members each year.

The standing committees of First Baptist Greensboro are: Building and Grounds, Christina Assistance/Restoration, Committee on Committees, Endowment Trust, Finance, Mission,  and Personnel. Click on each Committee to learn of the committee’s purpose and members.



Building and Grounds Committee

Duties of the Building and Grounds Committee: Establish and supervise, in consultation with the Church Staff, a program to assure the proper operations, maintenance, security and appearance of the Church’s property and buildings. Formulate recommendations for the purchase of equipment, services, and supplies required for proper maintenance and functioning of buildings and property. Evaluate external requests for use of Church facilities. Report on activities and recommendations to the Diaconate from time to time. 

2023                            2024                            2025

Marissa Austin             Amelia Barnes              Sharon Barlow

Cynthia Townes           Carols Delgado             Nevin Rohrbaugh

Richard Noel               Gene Wager                 David Stone

Christian Assistance/Restoration Committee

Duties of this committee are to: administration and distribution of the Christian Assistance Fund. Report receipts and disbursements monthly to the Diaconate.

2023                             2024                            2025

Norma Adams              Addison Lawrimore     Tom Petty

Chuck Sample              Joe Garcia                    Lollie White


Committee on Committees

Duties of this committee are:

        1. Solicit from the congregation suggestions for the nominations of Deacons, Church Officers, and Standing Committee members except for members of the Endowment Trust Committee and the Pastoral Discernment Council.  The Committee shall receive a nomination for a new Trustee for the Endowment Trust of the First Baptist Church of Greensboro from the Endowment Trust Committee (defined in Section I(d) below).  The new members of the Pastoral Discernment Council are appointed by that Council (defined in Section I(g) below).
        2. In May, present nominations for election: twelve Deacons, five Finance Committee members, a Trustee for the Endowment Trust, and when appropriate a Church Moderator, a Church Clerk, a Church Treasurer, and an Assistant Treasurer.
        3. In September, the Committee shall present nominations for the election of all other Standing Committees and announce the newly appointed members of the Pastoral Discernment Council.
        4. The Committee on Committees shall also nominate members to fill any vacant position for Diaconate, Church officer, and any Standing Committee.
        5. The names of the nominees for Deacons, Church Moderator, Finance Committee, Church Officers, and other Standing Committee members shall be provided to the Membership at least two weeks prior to election.

Committee Members:

David Angel                 Janet Caldwell              John Markham             Gayle Wiley

Sharon Barlow           Jim Clontz                    Brenda Porterfield        Laura Cashwell
Jill Pegram                   Cliff Lowery                Gary Upchurch


Endowment Trust Committee

Duties of this committee are: Receive and manage gifts, grants, devises, bequests, and other contributions made to the Trust and maintain those gifts and proceeds thereof, in various funds to support the ministry and mission of the Church.

2023                         2024                      2025                2026

Clyde Rudd               John Matthews       Tom Townes    Jimmy Kesler



Finance Committee

Duties of this committee are: 

        1. Promote Biblical Stewardship along with the Endowment Trust Committee in accordance with subparagraph d., herein;
        2. Prepare an annual budget that is vision-driven and that shows how we as a congregation are living out in practical ways our Christian vision;
        3. Provide general oversight to the collection of contributions, receipts, and disbursements through the annual budget;
        4. Prepare regular financial reports;
        5. Adopt policies and procedures for receiving and accepting bequests and donations that are consistent with the Church’s mission;
        6. Determine whether to allocate bequests and donations received which are restricted in purpose to appropriate broad-based reserve accounts or to a specific account or accounts to comply with restricted purpose;
        7. Provide oversight and management to reserve accounts not otherwise overseen and managed by the Endowment Trust, including establishing policies for minimum levels of funding for the maintenance of separate Endowment Accounts;
        8. Recommend to the Diaconate and to the Membership the proposed goals or creation of any special funds including the intent, purpose and rules governing expenditure of said funds;
        9. Carry out the financial directives of the congregation, advise and make recommendations to the congregation in all financial matters;
        10. Receive and refer to the Diaconate all requests to solicit funds, along with appropriate recommendations;
        11. Assist the Church Staff in the safeguarding of collected funds until they are deposited in the appropriate financial institution;
        12. Conduct or cause to be conducted an annual audit of the Church’s financial statements.


2023                                  2024                            2025

John Hardy                        Chuck Frye                  Dan Kennedy

Andrea Harrell                   Kristen Haynes             Cindy Kohler

Jessica Hondros                  Corie McRae                John Markham

Clyde Rudd                        Tony Petitt                   Mark McCracken
Kim Shively                       Stephen Cox                 Holly Messick

Ex-Officio Members:

Pastor: Alan Sherouse

Business Administrator: Scott North

Deacon Chairman: Seth Hix

Church Treasurer: George Scott 

Assistant Church Treasurer: Hazel Fisher


Missions Committee

The duties of this committee are:

        1. Monitor the Church’s relationship to any and all denominational and other organizations with which the church may be affiliated from time to time and to educate and engage the congregation in the mission and ministry of these entities.
        2. Report to the Diaconate and the Membership from time to time, as may be appropriate, regarding denominational and organizations and any matters pertaining to them and to develop a comprehensive approach to how the Church engages its missions calling.
        3. Develop a relationship with each mission partner that the church supports so that someone on the Missions Committee will serve as liaison to the partner and be their advocate with the Church.
        4. Advise the Diaconate, the Finance Committee, and the membership regarding the allocation of contributions for support of missions, educational institutions, and other purposes through denominational organizations.
        5. Serve as stewards of the Great Commission Fund to recommend funding for unique mission and ministry opportunities not funded through the annual budget process.  This would include funding for evangelism, outreach, and mission work implemented in the Church or in the community, including support for Baptist Campus Ministry.
        6. Receive all requests for mission funding, investigate such requests, and make appropriate recommendations to the Diaconate, the Finance Committee, and the Membership, including the development of a schedule for and promotion of special offerings which are received by the Church.
        7. Provide oversight to such special reserve accounts or funds that are designated for such supervision by the Church.


2023                          2024                            2025

Julie King                   Bill Hix                        Dale Allison

Helen Vaughan           Lynn Huneycutt            Mary Ellen Burke

Betty Sharp                Thom Little                  Janice Newsom
Libby Shull                Margaret McCracken    Tom Sears

Tom Smith                 Tommy Starnes            John Setchfield

Personnel Committee

Duties of this committee:

        1. Formulate, adopt, and implement written personnel policies.
        2. Maintain job descriptions for each staff position and a current list of staff positions.
        3. Provide for and conduct at least annually evaluations of the Church Staff, except the Pastor.
        4. Provide for and conduct at least annually reviews of compensation and benefits for the Church Staff, except the Pastor, and make recommendations to the Finance Committee.


2023                          2024                            2025

Scott Culclasure          Kelly Cornett                Will Crawford
Debbie Garner            David Rowe                 Suzanne Rohrbaugh

Ex-Officio Member Deacon Chairman: Seth Hix