For the second year, we’re putting together a Youth Leadership Team to give our youth a direct line into the planning and execution of their youth ministry. This team is only for youth and will allow their voices to be heard in all aspects of the FBC Youth Ministry.

The YLT is also designed to create opportunities for more intentional leadership development and practice. The YLT will be 8-10 youth who exhibit excellent leadership skills and have shown the ability to take initiative. These youth will be chosen from the applicant pool by Chris Cherry, Becky Starnes, and a few other individuals chosen. The term of service for this year will run September 2019 through August 2020 to create intentional overlap with the team of the following year.

The youth who are selected for the Youth Leadership Team will be asked to form a smaller team around them that can help work in their area, which will exponentially raise the number of youth directly involved in leadership roles. For example, a youth selected as the Outreach representative on the YLT will recruit other youth to help him/her with Outreach efforts in the youth ministry. Chris, Becky, and other adult youth leaders will resource and assist these youth teams that form from the YLT.

As is true of all leadership roles, there are expectations that come from being a member of the Youth Leadership Team. Each youth representative is expected to make this a high priority by attending meetings and serving in their area. To minimize conflicts and help with transportation, meetings will be held once per month on a regular schedule agreed upon after the team has formed. There will also be a required half day Youth Leadership Team Retreat in September. Continual absences from these YLT meetings will result in that youth being respectfully asked to step down. We also expect members of the YLT to act as leaders in all things: regularly attending church and youth events, setting an example for others, being present at youth service project opportunities, and having a positive attitude about the ministry they are helping to form and shape. None of us are perfect and grace will be given, but these leaders will be challenged and trained to lead.

2019-2020 YLT Application Dates:

  • Applications released on Sunday, August 11
  • Applications are DUE on or before Sunday, August 25
  • No late applications will be taken because the team will be selected quickly after the due date and leaders are expected to meet deadlines.
  • First meeting will be a half day retreat from 9am-3pm on Saturday, September 14