Decipher the following clues and unscramble the first letters to reveal a code. The first five people to bring that code to Chris win a prize!


Clue #1

A brand new beginning is bringing music to our ears

Baker is the boss and he brings us lots of cheer.

They represent the future and sharing welcome to us all

Will you join this new choir and do you remember what it’s called?



Clue #2

There’s a big event that’s coming up your parents might attend

It’s to teach your adults how to help with things you might contend.

Advertisements for this event can be found all around

This first letter of its name is the next clue to be found.


Clue #3

A place in which we gather, if the weather’s good or bad

That holds all of our feelings, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

We meet here often weekly, and when we sing our voices blend,

We share communion, celebrate, and we fellowship with friends.



Clue #4

Before Easter comes a Sunday where we all wave our Palms,

and last year, you might remember, that a donkey came along.

We remember Jesus and the great sacrifice He gave,

What’s that week called leading up to when He rose from the grave?



Clue #5

I am a true square stone, with corners tight and strong,

I’m the first of the foundation; without me the building’s wrong.

I’m usually at the bottom, there are pictures of my fame

What am I, do you think that you can you guess my name?