Pastor Darian Blue, Executive Director of the Phillis Wheatley Center, told the stories of children who need the safe space the Center provides.  And at the end of each story, he encouraged those assembled to finish the sentence:  “This week, serve with your hearts and your…”  “Hands,” everyone replied as he held both hands palms up.

He spoke of how the Center has been a kind of glue for the Nicholtown community ever since its beginning in 1919.  He applauded the young people for their willingness to serve over the next few days.  “God can use us to touch people’s lives,” said Pastor Blue.  “And as you pass these little children in the halls this week, you have no idea how many of them just need a hug or a high five because they don’t get that at home.”

So this week, we will do just that.  With paint, wood, sweat, and smiles.  And with hugs and high fives.  Because we serve with our hearts and our…