Amid the Cold of Winter | Teaching through February 10
“The rigors of winter are accompanied by amazing gifts.” — Parker Palmer
As we spend more time inside, amidst cold weather and rising COVID concern, our faith gives resources to help us yet to grow and maintain our connection to God and one another. Starting January 10, we began a new series of sermons on practices of our faith that can sustain us through the anticipated challenges of the season.
Each Wednesday we will focus again on the weekly practice. Our hope is that this season, we will find ways to remember how the promise of life continues when all seems frozen. We hope you join us for Midweek as we gather virtually for prayer, a hymn and meditation.
February 10 | Friendship

February 3 | Generosity

January 27 | Story Telling

January 20 | Inauguration Day Prayers

January 13 | Rest