Weekday School Registration Form


16903252_787490914738338_2246860706494993833_oThank you for your interest in the Weekday School!


As you complete this registration form for the FBC Weekday School, please note our class ages and pricing (pricing is based on number of days and length of day and is price per month):


Infants: 6 wks-1 yr, $165-320
Toddlers: 1 yr & walking, $165-320
Transitions: 18 mos but not 2 yrs by Aug 31, $165-320
Twos: 2 yrs by Aug 31, $165-375
Threes: 3 yrs by Aug 31, $195-315
Fours/Fives Pre-K: 4 or 5 yrs by Aug 31, $275-345


View the full break-down of the 2017-18 class age groups and per month pricing.




Other requirements to complete registration: