“And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind: cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind.” And it was so.” Genesis 1:24

My name is Berry the Cow. I will be giving you a tour of Jesus’ life. Please follow me into the time machine. We will go 2000 years back in time. We are here in 0 AD. Now time for true facts! I, Berry the Cow, saw this.

Once upon a time, in 0 AD, there was a woman named Mary. She lived in Nazareth. When she came to the stable, the wise men were not there! Guess what? The emperor wanted to see how many people were in his kingdom. Everyone had to sign their names (or register) to live there. Since Mary lived in Nazareth, she had to go more than 80 miles to get there and she had to travel by donkey! At the stable, guess what? No one was there except Joseph and Mary, but they just had a baby! Ohhh, I wish I could talk. I would say congratulations about the baby.

The barn was very small. The hay was very dirty. Joseph had to gather new hay for the baby and Mary. He got some from a goat feeder, then he laid clean hay on the ground for Mary. Mary was wearing a robe. I think Joseph was wearing a robe thing also! I can’t see Jesus. Wow! There is a HUGE STAR over there, people! Ahhhhhh! People are singing and dancing in mid-air. Thirty minutes later, there are shepherds here. For some reason, the sheep are falling in love with Jesus. Two months later Jesus is still here. More people are here to see him. I think people called wise men are here! I heard them saying, “Here is your gold, here is your spice, here is some more spice.” Then they went home. After that, Joseph and Mary went home, and I never saw them again.


Mason Duggins is a 2nd grader at St. Pius. He is the son of Laura and Adam Duggins and the big brother to Grant, Landon and Johnny.