August 24 Update
Following the Conference, members voted by online survey and paper ballot, with over 200 members responding. The motion to approve the membership report passed with 100% approval. The motion to support the Holmes family with a gift from our Missions Endowment passed with 100% approval. The motion to suspend the 2020 leadership nomination process passed with 99.5% approval.

View our August Conference below. Electronic voting is now closed. Paper ballots will be received through end of day Friday, August 21. Questions? Contact

Click below for documents related to the Church Conference.
August 7 Letter & Business Summary from Pastor Alan Sherouse & Deacon Chair Brad Wall
Summary Financial Report July 2020
May 24 Church Conference page

Summary: At the close of the voting period, a summary will be sent to all church members, detailing the reports of the meeting and the results of all voting matters.