We are in the early process of an in-house church directory! The first step is to make sure we have the correct information for our congregation and a photo in our database. Please log-in to the Church Life App and make sure your information is up to date. If you need help with a log-in for Church Life App, please see the steps below. If you have a photo to submit, you can upload them through the Church Life App. We are doing causal photos so don’t over think your submitted photo! If you don’t have a way of uploading your photo, please let the admin team know by emailing info@fbcgso.org.

How to download and log into the Church Life App. Grab your cell phone and follow the these steps. 


STEP 1  

  • You must first register with Access ACS (Online Member login) by entering the church web address into your browser (fbcgso.org) If you already have a member login, skip to Step 3.


STEP 2  

  • Click the three lines on the right side of the page. Click on “Member Login” link that is close to the bottom of the menu.  Ignore the prompt to enter an email address and instead click the “Need a login? Click here” link underneath. 
  • On the next page, enter the same email address the church currently has on file for you – as well as your full name. (If you don’t remember which email address you provided, please contact Scott North in the Church Office at 336-274-3286 x-127)
  • Then, click “find me.” 
  • Access ACS will then email you information about the site (ignore the username as you will be logging in via email address). You will be asked to verify by clicking a link and then prompted to create a password. Create a password and click Sign In. 
  • Now you are officially logged into Access ACS. 


STEP 3  

  • Once you have registered your Member Login in Access ACS, search for the “Church Life” app on your smart phone by using the App Store (on an iPhone) or Google Play (on Android devices.) Be sure it’s the app with the logo above. Once you have downloaded the app, please use your email and the password you created for your Member Login to access the Church Life App.