“Joseph also went from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to the city of David called Bethlehem, because he was descended from the house and family of David.” Luke 2:4


Left front, right front…Left rear, right rear…Left front, right front…

Wow. This is taking a long time. Fourth day from Nazareth and we’re still walking. Left rear…We’re going all the way to Bethlehem. Almost a hundred miles! I can make it, though, even if I’m only a donkey. I just have to keep moving my feet. Right rear…Still guessing how many hoof prints I’ll make today…Maybe a million!

Okay, not really a million. The sun’s already sinking and the man is taking me down to the Jordan for a nice, cool drink, so we must be stopping to sleep. Joseph. That’s his name. He’s been leading me along while the young woman rides. Mabel? No. Martha? No, that’s not it. Mary! He definitely called her Mary. A pretty name.

There’s that star again. It’s huge! The tail glitters all the way down to the grass and paints everything silver. It was there last night, too, spilling heaven’s light over all of us on the road through Judea. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Mary’s curling up against my back to rest. I wonder if she knows. About her baby, I mean. Her baby is…he’s…um…God. There, I said it! Out loud and everything! She’s been singing softly as we go; they’re naming him Jesus. God’s unborn son, resting under his natal star. All the animals know. Strange that the people don’t.

The star and the rocks and the night’s wind; they’re all whispering Emanuel. The humans don’t seem to hear them any more than they hear little donkeys. Maybe they aren’t listening. Or maybe some people know Jesus is with us and just don’t tell anybody. Nah, that would be silly. If I could human-speak, I’d tell everybody!

I mean think about it. I’m the luckiest donkey ever! The most amazing thing to happen in all creation since, well, the creation…And I’m here. God’s most awesome gift of love includes a job for a donkey. And if He has a plan for a donkey, can you just imagine what He has for everyone else?

donkey-footprintsWell, not that they’d believe a burro if they could understand me, which they can’t, so I’m going to catch a nap. God has a long way for me to go tomorrow, but that’s ok. We’re going together.

Left front, right front…Left rear, right rear…


Dr. Angela Perry joined First Baptist 10 years ago this Christmas Eve, along with her husband, Jeff, son Daniel, and daughter Rachel. She is a full-time wife, mother and internal medicine physician; as well as a part-time instructor of medical residents and amateur gardener, floral arranger, choir member, writer, flautist, cake decorator and photographer. “It all fits in there in no particular order, just not all at once!”