Pray with me.

Father, we join together to celebrate Christmas. In this season two thousand years ago, Mary and Joseph must have already been gathering their meager supplies, preparing for the 100 mile journey to Bethlehem. I wonder if they understood what their amazing Christmas gift was really going to be.

I wonder if any of us understand just how amazing that tiny gift in the manger was…both then and now…or how many gifts you give us every day…or how very few of them come in shiny paper.

Sometimes we feel our gifts and provisions are meager. Probably not as meager as a pregnant teenager with a donkey, a young father to be, and nowhere to sleep. Help us see all the amazing things we have by your grace, Lord, and how we can share them with others at Christmas and always.



Daniel Perry (High School Senior | FBC Youth Group) offered this Offertory Prayer on December 6, 2015.