Through the summer at First Baptist Greensboro, we considered precedents of our faith — the important themes of our faith and scriptures from creation to redemption, Genesis to Revelation. The word “unprecedented”is used widely to describe these times. But “unprecedented” means something that has never been known before. While these days can feel that way, one of the most important resources of our faith is memory — the ability to remember those who have gone before with boldness and courage, to remember God, who has journeyed faithfully with humanity in times past. We hope these sermons help us to remember that we are not the first to come this way, to experience this hardship, to know such times. In fact, this is the story of our faith, and of our scriptures from beginning to end. These might just be precedented times after all.

To watch or listen to any of our summer series “Precedents” by clicking on the image. You can also access our sermon archive page here.