Success 101 is a mentoring program at Grimsley High School that targets students who need additional support and encouragement. This is not a tutoring program, but rather an opportunity to make a positive impact through a friendship between mentor/volunteer and student. 


Information Meeting

Thursday September 6th from 4:30-5:30 pm at Grimsley High School (Media Center)

What is expected?

Each mentor is asked to visit his/her student at Grimsley for around 45-50 minutes once a week while school is in session. This time would need to be at the same time each visit. Each student participating has a “study hall” for a particular period in his/her schedule. The mentor meetings should take place during this study hall. This program is not designed to be a tutoring session (though the mentor can if comfortable), but rather a time for encouragement, social interaction, goal setting, etc. Also, the mentor could accompany the student to meetings with administration or other staff for additional support. This is an established program that has shown significant growth and impact in these participating students in all areas.


What is next?

Attend an informational meeting with Assistant Principal Yvonne Eason in the Grimsley Media Center Thursday, September 6th from 4:30-5:30 pm. If you are interested but have questions OR interested but unable to attend the meeting at Grimsley, please contact Joanna Sample at 336-549-9294 or