Silver-CompassionMonday, May 16 – 2 sessions!

Silver Compassion is offering two sessions that will give you more control over how your Life Story progresses today and into the future, as well as how your Legacy continues even after the final chapter.  We cannot “Thrive” without our souls knowing we are telling the “Story”  we were meant to tell. These classes will be engaging, enjoyable and helpful!  Seminars will be in room 102.  No reservations necessary.

Session 1: Your Questions to Dr. Fuller (3-4:30 pm)
Silver Compassion seminars have offered much information, and they have generated many good questions. This session is designed to give you an opportunity to ask Dr. Fuller the questions that remain unanswered. Click here to submit your questions or contact Steve Sumerel – Email. Everyone will benefit from the discussion generated by these inquiries.

Session 2: A Full Life After the Empty Nest (6:30 – 8 pm)
In this session we will discuss and give direction to the conversations that can rejuvenate all the relationships in a household and extended family when parenting is no longer taking-up as much space in our lives. This class is designed for those approaching the empty nest, watching it happen and those who love people going through it.

Questions:  Steve Sumerel  |  Email |  x233