Saturday, April 22  |  9 a.m.–4 p.m.  |  $25  |  Fellowship Hall

Please consider helping yourself and your future become more secure and fully alive. The younger you are when you learn how to plan for a long, full life, the more potential you will actualize. Come collect the tools and insights that will help you put together a Life Compass Plan. The Life Compass Plan Seminar can help young adults wanting to secure their future, middle aged adults looking to map out their own future while supporting children and parents, and older adults wanting to know the potential of what they have and what is available in order to make these days their best days. This is a way for us all to have elegant plans that fully support today and tomorrow. You will come away with a Life Compass Plan notebook, all the forms you will need, and encouragement to build a plan as you are ready.

First Baptist makes this less expensive, so take advantage of how your church is investing in your ability to have the best life possible. The entry fee covers lunch and full notebook of materials.

Registration Required  |  $25 can be paid in advance or at the door

Contact Steve Sumerel (336-274-3286, x233) for more info