Dear FBC Family,

Romania very well may be our new home. It is too early to say with certainty, but just like heaven, this seems to be a place where there is no more crying, only rejoicing and celebration.

At least that’s what it felt like our first morning at breakfast when we discovered this:

Chocolate Fitness

A land flowing with milk and…chocolate cereal labeled Fitness?!? What could be sweeter than that?

Well, Lindley Sample says the children at the Ruth School are the sweetest she’s ever seen! (We’re checking her suitcase when we leave to make sure she doesn’t have any stowaways.)  About 47 of those Romanian cuties laughed and sang, played games, made crafts, and learned Bible stories today with half of our youth while the other half painted at the school.

After an amazing lunch, we hustled back to change clothes and travel across the city on subways and sidewalks to our evening concert and meeting with several other youth groups from Bucharest. They sang, we sang, and we all sang together…for about 2 hours! What a wonderful experience to worship with brothers and sisters in Christ halfway around the world who even sing some of the same songs of praise!

Though we would’ve loved to hang out with them for another hour, Ralph cracked the whip and said “Let’s go!” because he had a surprise supper waiting for us across the city: Schwarmas! (no, not the Tibetan mountain guides, those are sherpas)

They were the best schwarmas we’d ever had! (And the only ones too.) They’re as hard to describe as they are to eat, but they are worth the effort, so if you’ve never had one, ask your youth when they get home.

Of course, if schwarmas aren’t your thing, this is a land flowing with milk and Fitness Chocolate…

Grab a bowl and join me now as we sing together our invitation hymn, “Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go!”