“My name is Doug, say Doug”. This is what Mr. Vancil would say to every group of kids we had at the English camp, he would always speak very slowly. Mr. Vancil, Joel Reynolds, Kate Austin, Kaitlyn Rainey and I led the music group at our English camp for 7ththrough 12thgraders. The five of us taught the children a song called “With Jesus in Your Boat”. The song goes like this:

With Jesus in your boat you can smile through the storm when you’re sailing home.”

We added motions to the song and the kids at first looked confused and would try to sing and do the movements all at once which didn’t work, but it was fun to see them try. Then we asked for volunteers who were brave enough to come on to the stage to do it in front of the group. It was fun to watch the kids dance and sing about Jesus. I hope that the song stuck with at least one kid and made them wonder about this Jesus guy and find out more about him, and how he can change their life. Thank you to the congregation for your support, and prayers throughout this past year this trip was hot, tiring, and most importantly meaningful. Thank you.