First Baptist Church Preschool

First Baptist’s Preschool was begun many years ago, and it has been an enduring presence in the Greensboro community since then. The Preschool combines faith and learning along the developmental spectrum from birth through Kindergarten readiness.



The Weekday School encourages spiritual growth and development through hands-on lessons, stories, art activities, music and social experiences that are based on a weekly Bible story. We do not teach doctrine.



We use the Pinnacle Curriculum at First Baptist Church Preschool. Pinnacle Curriculum is an early childhood curriculum written by early childhood experts and designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities. The program provides hands-on, center-based activities focused on development of emerging skills in six key developmental domains. It is research-based and is consistent with the ideas of prominent early childhood theorists such as Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson. Parents receive monthly newsletters discussing activities for the month and enrichment activities that can be done at home.

In our PreK classrooms, the Pinnacle Curriculum is paired with Handwriting Without Tears. This program uses a multi-sensory approach to teach foundational reading readiness and writing skills as well as numbers and math. Once they master the foundational skills required to start writing, each child has their own journal that they use each day to color, draw, and write.


FBC Preschool follows Guilford County Schools decisions on closing for inclement weather. Please consult media announcements or the GCS website.