Preschool Safety Practices 

At First Baptist Church Greensboro Preschool, our highest aim above any social, play or academic goal is for your child to be safe and happy in our care. Nothing is more important than seeing your child thrive in our environment and grow into exactly who God created them to be.

Procedures and policies that are in place to protect your children include:

  1. At least two teachers are always placed with children. This policy keeps our staff to child ratios low, protects us in emergency situations and prevents accidents from occurring due to constant supervision.  Our teachers take turns with bathroom breaks while children are playing outside so teachers from other classrooms can help and supervise children.
  2. We utilize accident reports anytime a bruise, insect bite, bite, cut, or scrape occurs at school. Due to the developing motor skills of children, minor accidents of all kinds do occur despite our teachers and administration’s vigilant nature. We notify parents immediately about these concerns through a personal phone call/text message plus an accident report. Sometimes bruises or minor cuts might not appear to us at the close of the school day. Other times, we might not see the exact moment a child fell while running on the playground or bumped into a bookshelf because they don’t cry while we are changing a diaper or helping another child.
  3. We have an open-door policy. Meaning our classroom doors are always open unless we are practicing a safety drill. Families are also encouraged to get a key fob so they can come and go as needed. We encourage family participation as families are able during special events in the classrooms and other locations. We seek to remain accessible and approachable at all times.
  4. Our staff is experienced, many with advanced degrees. They participate in staff meetings and professional development where best practices are discussed and modeled. We discuss gentle, child-centered teaching and best classroom management practices. We work hard to honor the special individual God made your child to be.
  5. We create an environment where a parent or family member should never be afraid to express concern or questions. Classroom teachers and administration are ALWAYS open to discussions and conferences, so we are a united front for the best school experience for your child.