January 20, we will celebrate an important ritual in our nation’s rhythm, and yet it feels weighted in ways it has not in the past.  As we approach the inauguration of our nation’s 46th president, you might find yourself with mixed feelings. 

Regardless of the state of our nation or who is elected to power, it is with great relief and comfort that we remember our God is greater than all of the principalities put in place by humankind. On days such as Inauguration Day, we are compelled to look, not just toward elected officials, but to our own hearts.

It is with that intention that you are invited to moments of prayer and reflection through Inauguration Day.  Beginning at 7am Wednesday, January 20, each hour you can access a prompt below or on our social media. These prompts will guide you to pray, read or sing to help us remember the hope that we all find in Christ. You can engage with the prompts every hour on the hour, or you can join in our regular Midweek prayer and devotion time at 6:30pm when the pastoral staff will guide you through the experience all at once.

We you will join us in prayer and contemplation on this important day in the life of our nation.

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