Pastoral Residency

The Pastoral Residency is a 2 year transition-into-ministry program providing immersive experience in both congregational and community ministry within the supportive environment of a teaching congregation. Over the course of their ministry with First Baptist Greensboro, the congregation hopes the Resident will develop the pastoral identity, theological frameworks, and habits of work and leadership that will contribute to a thriving future in vocational ministry. Since its inception in 2015, the Residency has had a significant and growing impact on the congregation and on the Residents themselves.




Darnysha Nard

2017-2019 Pastoral Resident

Rev. Darnysha Nard begins her Residency at First Baptist in September 2017. Originally from Richmond, VA, Darnysha is a graduate of Wake Forest University Divinity School (MDiv ’17) and Virginia Commonwealth University (BA in English ’13). Darnysha brings a wide range of ministry experience to First Baptist, having served as a Pastoral Intern at churches including First Baptist Church, Highland Avenue in Winston-Salem and First Baptist Church of Greenville, SC. Darnysha also served as a Chaplain Intern with Wake Forest Baptist University Medical Center as part of her education at Wake Forest. For multiple summers, she has worked with the nationally recognized youth camp ministry, Passport, Inc., including serving as Camp Director for Passport Mission Base in Washington, D.C. in Summer of 2017. Darnysha’s ministry at First Baptist will draw on this breadth of experience and passions. As with other Residents, Darnysha’s focal areas of ministry at First Baptist will be deteremined early in her tenure, but one area of focus will be as part of First Baptist’s ministry with youth.

“There are many times that I have heard people talk and preach about the Kingdom of God as a distant and hopeful place of arrival, but I like to think that there are glimpses of it here on earth. I think the church is one of those glimpses.” -Rev. Darnysha Nard

Courtney Finocchiaro Stamey

2016-2018 Pastoral Resident Alum

Rev. Courtney Stamey was First Baptist’s second Pastoral Resident before her call to Northside Baptist in Clinton, MS where she has served as Senior Pastor since June 2018. Courtney began her 2-year Residency in September 2016. The 2016-2018 Residency is a shared program and partnership with Peacehaven Community Farm, where Courtney split her time between both ministries. A graduate of Wake Forest Divinity School (MDiv ’15) and Gardner-Webb University (BA in Religion and Public Relations), Courtney also has experience as a Chaplain Resident at Cone Health (2015-2016) and was ordained by FBC High Point. Amidst her work at First Baptist Greensboro, Courtney led in revamping Wednesday Night programming, worked to develop a grant model for the Carter Trust Fund, worked with college students, young adults, and was a mentor to ministry interns, and participated actively in preaching and worship leadership. In her free time Courtney enjoys playing disc golf, cooking, and being outdoors. She is married to Michael Stamey, who served as the Minister to Students and Media at FBC High Point.

“The work of God extends beyond the church bells of Sunday morning to the inaudible seedling sprouting. This residency excites me because it seems to reflect the real trajectory of the people of God, spread beyond  church walls.”  -Rev. Courtney Stamey


John Thornton

Pastoral Residency Alum (2015-2017)

John Thornton served as First Baptist’s inaugural Pastoral Resident before his call to First Baptist Church on Fifth in Winston-Salem, NC, where he has served as Associate Pastor for Youth, Adults and Missions since June 1, 2017. At First Baptist Greensboro, John participated in the broad pastoral ministry and leadership of the church, while also focusing on three areas of ministry identified early in his tenure: young adult spiritual formation, hospitality, and pastoral support to those experiencing chronic economic needs. Among his contributions in the two years of his Residency were the formation of a Young Adult small group ministry, new ministries of welcome for guests and new members, and the development of First Baptist’s Christian Restoration Fund, which provides support for those living in poverty.

“Graduating from Divinity School I had questions about what I was called to do. The Residency at First Baptist was a wonderful affirmation of God’s calling to a life of ministry.” -Rev. John Thornton