It is time for us to consider who we will nominate to serve in key leadership positions for our church in the coming year. Please consider whom among our members you would nominate for Deacon, Endowment Trust Committee, Finance Committee, Treasurer, or Church Clerk.

Please fill out the nomination form below. Nominations are due by March 31. Those without email will be mailed a paper ballot.

For a list of current church leadership, visit

Committee on Committees: David Angel, Sharon Barlow, Janet Caldwell, Laura Cashwell, Jim Clontz, Cliff Lowery, John Markham, Jill Pegram, Brenda Porterfield and Gary Upchurch


Leadership Nominations 2021

  • Deacons shall at all times regard themselves as servants of the Church. With the Pastor, and as the Holy Spirit may direct, they are to prayerfully make recommendations to the membership in all matters pertaining to the mission and ministries of the church and shall assist the Pastor in observance of the ordinances. They shall have general oversight of the upkeep, repair and use of property, shall supervise the Church’s financial program, and shall arrange and have regular meetings and establish such Committees as are necessary to the discharge of their duties.
  • Duties of this committee are: administration and distribution of the Christian Assistance Fund. Report receipts and disbursements monthly to the Diaconate.
  • Responsibility: To organize and promote a church wide stewardship campaign, budget development, serve as oversight arm for church finances, review and recommend expenditures to support programs and facility needs.
  • Responsibility: To establish and supervise a program with church staff for proper operations, maintenance, security and appearance of the Church’s property and buildings, review and recommend expenditures for the maintaining of the facility and grounds and the purchase of equipment, services and supplies, oversee the use of church facilities.
  • Responsibility: To monitor the Church’s relationships with any and all denominational partners, stay in contact with ongoing missions partners, evaluate requests from new missions, arrange monthly presented mission moments, submit the annual budget for FBC missions programs.
  • Duties of this committee: Formulate, adopt, and implement written personnel policies. Maintain job descriptions for each staff position and a current list of staff positions. Provide for and conduct at least annually reviews of compensation and benefits for the Church Staff, except the Pastor, and make recommendations to the Finance Committee.
  • Responsibility: To preside at all business meetings of the Membership and perform other duties as the Membership may assign.
  • Responsibility: To have custody of all of the funds of the Church, countersign checks in payment of all salaries and bills by the Membership and all bills authorized by proper authority, supervise the financial records of the Membership in the preparation of financial statements to be presented to Deacons and the church membership, meet regularly with the Deacons and church membership.
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