Please submit your nominations for 2019.

When submitting nominations, please refer to this Committees on Committee Ballot to see the names of those already serving.

2019 Nomination Form: Standing Committees

This serves as 2019 Nominating Form for Standing Committees at First Baptist Church.
  • Responsibility: To serve as a spiritual leader of the church, review financial expenditures, review programming/initiatives presented by staff, review governance issues, provide monthly coverage for Sunday collection, serve communion, contact/visit assigned homebound members, cover nursery on the 5th Sundays, offertory prayer on Sunday morning, offer a devotional at monthly deacons meeting.
  • Responsibility: To organize and promote a church wide stewardship campaign, budget development, serve as oversight arm for church finances, review and recommend expenditures to support programs and facility needs.
  • Responsibility: To serve as the Secretary of the Corporation and see that accurate and complete records are kept at meetings, inform the proper persons, team or Committee of any action taken at a business meeting.
  • Responsibility: To monitor the Church's relationships with any and all denominational partners, stay in contact with ongoing missions partners, evaluate requests from new missions, arrange monthly presented mission moments, submit the annual budget for FBC missions programs.
  • Responsibility: To establish and supervise a program with church staff for proper operations, maintenance, security and appearance of the Church's property and buildings, review and recommend expenditures for the maintaining of the facility and grounds and the purchase of equipment, services and supplies, oversee the use of church facilities.
  • Responsibility: To administer and distribute monies collected for the Christian Assistance/Restoration Fund, review and act on requests received by the Church to address the temporary but immediate financial needs of members and the larger church community.
  • Responsibility: To formulate, adopt, and implement written personnel policies, maintain job descriptions for each staff position and current list of staff positions, provide for and conduct, at least annually, reviews of compensation and benefits for the church staff, expect the Pastor, and make recommendations to the Finance Committee.