First Baptist is thrilled to celebrate with our Pastoral Resident, Rev. Courtney Stamey, her husband, Rev. Michael Stamey, and the Congregation of Northside Baptist Church in Clinton, Miss as today Courtney was called to be the church’s next Senior Pastor.
Courtney and Michael spent the weekend in Clinton, near Jackson, getting to know the Congregation and today Courtney preached and led in worship before the Congregation voted to affirm her as the eighth Senior Pastor in the church’s history. She is also the first woman to serve in this role, and by most estimations the first woman to serve as a pastor of a Baptist church in the state of Mississippi. Her calling to this role as a young woman in her late 20s is also cause for celebration within Baptist life and an affirming moment for others who sense the same call. In the end, for Northside, it was an easy choice. Search Chair, Graham Carner, shared: “As we were searching for our next Senior Pastor, Northside was seeking a minister with a passion for loving God and people; a quality preacher; a thoughtful caregiver; a person who was approachable and a good listener; and a humble servant who will work in collaboration with others. Courtney is the embodiment of all of those qualities and many more that will equip her to serve our community with care, kindness, and vision. We are excited and hopeful as we move forward with Courtney Stamey as our Senior Pastor.”

Courtney and Michael sense the call of God to this role and this place at this time. Courtney shared the following with the First Baptist Congregation: “Northside Baptist is a hospitable and thoughtful congregation that deeply values their community. It is a tremendous joy and honor that I will be their new Senior Pastor.”

Courtney’s ministry and this opportunity form a moment of great celebration and gratitude for our Congregation, too. Pastor Alan Sherouse shares, “I’m sure none of us are surprised. But all of us are moved — moved by the Spirit working in Courtney’s life, in Northside Baptist, in the life of our church, and in this process to bring a pastor and congregation together. This moment is a reflection of the gifts and graces formed in Courtney’s life, and we are so grateful our church has been host and witness to them and an encouragement to her for this season of her Pastoral Residency.”

Courtney is First Baptist Greensboro’s second Pastoral Resident, overlapping with our first Resident, Rev. John Thornton, and our third Resident, Rev. Darnysha Nard, who will serve through summer 2019. The Pastoral Residency is a 2 year transition-into-ministry program providing immersive experience in both congregational and community ministry within the supportive environment of a teaching congregation. Over the course of their ministry with First Baptist Greensboro, the congregation hopes the Resident will develop the pastoral identity, theological frameworks, and habits of work and leadership that will contribute to a┬áthriving future in vocational ministry. Since its beginning in 2015, the Residency has had a significant and growing impact on our congregation. For more on the Residency, visit our Residency page here.

Courtney will continue to serve in her role as Pastoral Resident and transition later this spring, preaching once more, sharing with the congregation, and transitioning with our church’s full support. We look forward to sharing celebration and blessing in these last weeks, which already begins in some words from Courtney to our church: “Michael and I look forward to sharing more with you about the transition we have ahead. Thank you, First Baptist, for the role you have had in shaping me to be the minister I am today.”

First Baptist, we hope you’ll share in the joy of this moment and in prayer for all that is ahead.