My friend Milkweed (another time, please) used to pull out his wallet and say in his high-pitched, gravely voice, “Hey, you wanna see a picture of my pride and joy?”  And thinking it was his wife or his kids, well-meaning suckers would cheerfully say, “Sure!”

Imagine our eye-rolling and groaning when he produced this picture, cackling with laughter every time he repeated the joke:


Well, in a week filled with talk about pride, let me tell you about my pride and joy.  My pride and joy bubbles forth from the service done by 21 FBC Middle Schoolers and their 4 adult leaders last week at Mission Unidiversity in Greenville, SC.  And it bubbles forth from the 29 FBC High Schoolers and their 6 adult leaders who are already immersed this week serving Christ in New York City.

They came to both cities to share love and compassion.  With everyone.  Even though we don’t all look the same and we don’t all sound the same and (as we discovered on the subway) we don’t all smell the same, God loves us all the same.  And our youth have left home for a week to pour out what you taught them so well at home:

God so loved The World…

I think of that corny old picture that brought Milkweed so much joy.  I think that it brings God great pride and joy too when God’s children follow Jesus’ example and reach out and share God’s love with the world.

You wanna see a picture of my pride and joy?