One of our Mission Partners, Washing Montessori Elementary School has a couple opportunities for us to be a part of for the rest of the 2022 school year. 

Pen Pals:

A number of students at Washington Elementary would like to communicate with pen pals the “old fashioned way” through written letters. If you are interested in being assigned a student for the remainder of the school year, please fill out the form and let us know no later than March 31. You’ll be sent more detailed information along with a student name just as soon as possible. Letters can either be mailed to the school or dropped off at the church office for weekly pickup.

Teacher Prep Support:

You can support teachers at the school by helping to prepare classroom materials on an every-other week basis. This might include cutting out laminated items, making flashcards, creating journals, creating spelling charts, and even sharpening pencils. Teachers will gather any tasks in a basket that can be picked up by the volunteer on a given day of the week and returned several days later. Please sign up on the form provided and we will forward your information to the school.