Light: It’s the first thing God created in Genesis. It’s one of the ways that John describes Jesus, “the light of all people.” The Psalmist writes that the light of God’s word is what guides our paths. Last Sunday night (November 2), our church gathered for Luminé, a special service of light and prayer. The service began with a song, “The Lord is My Light,” in which we acknowledged that God is indeed our Light that guides us; the Light in whom we trust.


But as the service progressed, I noticed something beautiful in the faces of those gathered there. With the sanctuary primarily lit by the fading sunlight and candles, I saw the light reflected off the faces of the people. We were reflections of the light, and were lights to each other. As we prayed together in different ways, we prayed for our world, our community, our church, and eventually for ourselves. And as we prayed, we became light for each other, bearing one another’s burdens, holding each other in the light of God’s grace. And in my few months here at FBC Greensboro, that’s one aspect I’ve come to truly admire about this church. Here, we are people who hold each other in the light. We are simultaneously followers and reflections of the Light, but we don’t stop there. We seek to shine this light into our community and world so that everyone may see a little more clearly just who and Whose we are. So as the daylight grows shorter, know that you are held in the light, and have the opportunity to hold others in the light. Let’s continue to hold each other up.


Reflection by Patrick Cardwell, Pastoral Intern, Wake Forest University School of Divinity