Wednesday Evening Access Class  |  6:15 p.m.

Want to discover more ways to secure our own lives and expand our capacity to create a better future for our families, our church family and our world? That is what we will do in the Wednesday evening series Living Wisely that begins October 19. Pastor Alan and George Fuller of Silver Compassion will be looking at how the full resources and wisdom found in the second half of life can work with the those found in the first half of life to create a wisdom beyond our years. We have seen the potential missed when King Saul and King David could not find a way together. History is full of how we discover our way with the help of the Lord and yet miss some of the wisdom offered. It turned out that the world is not flat.

We discovered in our discussions of the book Being Mortal that the last 50 years have included many economic opportunities, as well as advancements in medical science, and yet our families and communities have not maintained the mutual support they shared in the past. We can restitch the fabric of family and community as we move ahead guided by the love and wisdom of Christ we will find together. We will learn from one another, and we will truly enjoy one another. I’ve heard young and old long for the great pleasures of sharing meals, stories and wisdom. They also know the power of sharing the struggles of growing up and growing old. We will be a gift to one another as we navigate life together.


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Wednesday night activities for all ages  |  6:15 p.m.

  • Adult Access Classes: The Spirituality of Family; Winners and Losers: Israel’s Kings; Racism and the Church Discussion
  • Youth Forum
  • Children’s Music & Missions
  • Divorce Recovery Program
  • Sanctuary Choir (beginning at 7:15)