September 2013.  It was a Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm. I am sitting across the street from Grimsley High School.  Amber, a 15 year old student who has been attending Rosewood Tutoring since she was in the 2nd grade, gets in my car. “Hey Miss Adair,” she says. I tell her “We are waiting for our new tutor. He is actually in your grade. Sam Messick – do you know him?” She gives me a wide-eyed look and pleads “No, No, Noooo, Miss Adair. Not Sam. He is so smart. He answers questions in class and I don’t understand most of what he is talking about. We have nothing in common. This is a bad idea.” I try to reassure her that I’ve know Sam his whole life. He is a great person and should be a fantastic tutor. Seconds later, Sam joins us in the car. The kids exchange an awkward “Hi” and we head down East Wendover to 1111 Summit Avenue, Eller Memorial Baptist Church. This is our home for Rosewood Tutoring.

Amber - w Rosewood group
FBC tutors with the kids from Rosewood

Amber-Sam-PromFast forward to June 2016 … These two found out they do have some things in common. They eat lunch together every day. Sam drives Amber to tutoring. His parents know her and drive her to choir practice at FBC where Amber has become a member of our church and active in the youth group. They just went to the prom together (as friends). They are graduating on Sunday.  Our success stories sometimes have nothing to do with school work!

Please join us next year as a tutor at Rosewood. We need another full-time tutor to replace Sam (he is going to NCSU in August!) and two substitute tutors. Contact me (click here to email) to join us as we tutor these amazing kids in the Rosewood neighborhood.

Rosewood Tutoring - playgroundWe also need more funds for next year’s account. The funds are used for snacks, outings, etc. If you would like to contribute please note “Rosewood Tutoring” on your check or online donation to FBC.

Adair Suggs, Co-Founder and Director of Rosewood Tutoring