Finally.  Squinting in the bright morning light in the Frankfort airport, we’re fighting the haze of being up since 2AM (after maybe 2 hours sleep), but although they walked like zombies this morning, some coffee, a pastry, and the promise of only one more flight ’til we’re home has them talking again.

They’ve done well.  CBF Missionary Ralph Stocks told me on the pitch-black ride to the airport, “Ronella (the volunteer in charge of youth projects) says that the kids were well organized in Bible School and did really a great job.  That’s a good word.  She doesn’t say that all the time.”

We’re grateful for so many things.  Your prayers, your contributions, your love and support through church dinners and Valentine Banquets and the Yard Sale.  Most of all, we’re grateful to God because without the love of Jesus Christ, FBC would not be our family, we would have no songs to sing, and we would have no love to share.

But because of God’s love, we do have these things.  Thanks be to God!