This past weekend we had our FBC 2015 Women’s Retreat.  We all hurried to make sure we were packed and instructions of care were written for those we left behind.  We began to roll into Ocean Isle Beach Friday afternoon and settled in for our first session together at 9pm.  Our Retreat Leader, Courtney Jones Willis, asked us to take out our phone and take a Selfie.  From the moaning and groaning in the room, you would have thought that she had just announced that the weekend activities would include cooking, cleaning, and folding laundry.  FullSizeRender

Most young people do not think twice about taking a Selfie, but us women did not want to go there.  Why???  I believe that in that moment the Selfie revealed more to the one taking the Selfie than she was ready to reveal. We had just begun our weekend together and we were revealing more than our earned laugh lines or color of our hair, the Selfie revealed the insecurities, hurts, and fear that we carry. No, others could not see it, but the one taking the Selfie could look right past the image on the screen and into the soul.  The image could make us believe that we were not enough.


Our charge for the weekend was to care for our soul and spirit.  Courtney shared scripture that revealed and offered assurance that “I AM ENOUGH.”  Difficult for many of to say or believe, but the women took on the challenge, they began to hear the scripture and encourage one another.  Through stores of reflections and hope and round table discussions, God’s faithfulness and love could be pointed out to one another.  Women tend to carry around unhealthy and unreasonable measuring sticks, but we were reminded that God measures us by love, grace, and redemption.  My hope is that these woman as well as others will hear God speak through their desire, humility, and quietness- to hear these words- “You are a beloved child of God and you are enough.”

 – by Kim Priddy, Associate Pastor – Missions2015Group