“Love God with all that you are. And love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus says. When asked about neighbors, Jesus tells the parable about the Samaritan traveler who sees a wounded person and compassionately offers all that is needed for their healing. “Go and do likewise,” Jesus says.

“Go and Do Likewise” is the theme for our Stewardship Campaign at First Baptist Greensboro this year. We can give to a lot of organizations, but when we give to our church we have the opportunity to widely express the love, compassion and generosity of God, especially toward those wounded along life’s highway.

Throughout the month of November, leading up to our Commitment Sunday, November 24, we will consider the ways we are called to love God and love neighbor through our commitments of time, energy, and financial gifts in the year ahead. Stewardship is foundationally about care — for our neighbors, for all God’s gifts to us, for ourselves, for our church.


Make a 2020 Commitment

How is God calling you to “Go and Do” in 2020? Ultimately, Jesus urges us to live this way not only because the world needs it, or because our neighbor needs it, but because we need it. We need to be people who give of our lives compassionately, generously, and lovingly. This is ultimately how life is found. As Jesus says at the start of the parable, “Do this and you will live.”