First Baptist Greensboro’s Task Force of Deacons and Pastors, which has worked on protocols and plans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, met this week to consider how the recent advisories from the CDC, state government, and local leadership affect our congregation. At this point, the following adjustments have been made to our gathering plans:

Increase of Sanctuary capacity to 30%. Based on attendance patterns and the number of unique in-person attendees throughout the first three weeks of May, this capacity should allow all who are currently able and comfortable attending to do so freely.

Increase of available Sunday School rooms to accommodate all classes who would like to meet indoors.

Relocating some outdoor activities to safe indoor settings. Sunday Bible Study will move from the Outdoor Chapel to the Chapel indoors. Junior Church will move from the front lawn to the Fellowship Hall.

Masks optional in outdoor gatherings, subject to the decision of the group.

Masks optional in small indoor gatherings, subject to the decision of the group.

Adjustments to protocols and in-person office hours for First Baptist Pastors and Staff. 

We are grateful for the trust of the Congregation, and for the commitments to safety and inclusion that have characterized our response these last 14 months. In that spirit, we will continue to practice masking and comfortable distancing in common spaces like hallways, as well as in worship and other gatherings that include children, as well as teenagers that are not yet fully vaccinated. We will reevaluate all practices in the next few weeks, hoping that this period allows time for more of our young people to be vaccinated, and for us to learn about the impact of the recent CDC announcement.


First Baptist Greensboro’s COVID-19 Task Force includes Deacons Adam Barnes, Seth Hix, Debbie Huneycutt, Janice Newsom, Brad Wall and Dave Worsley as well as Pastoral Staff Alan Sherouse, Doug Vancil and Courtney Willis. To contact the Task Force, use