Guidelines for Safe Gathering

With the leadership of our Task Force and Deacons, we have recently updated our Gathering Covenant, which includes a modification to our masking practices. Given the consistent decrease in COVID cases and the low COVID transmission rate in Guilford County, as of Sunday, March 20, indoor masking is considered optional for those vaccinated. 

We will continue to make use of our large Sanctuary, spacing seating to allow for safe gathering and singing. Teachers, leaders and participants in our Children’s Ministry and Preschool will continue masking at this time. Many who are vaccinated might also continue to practice masking — this includes our pastors, who in this transitional time will mask indoors when in proximity to others.

Please remember these plans rely on the trust we share as a congregation to keep yourself and those around you safe. Plans are adaptable at any time as we continue to monitor trends. Should we see a consistent rise in COVID transmission rate locally, we will alter our practices accordingly.

COVID-19 Task Force: Deacons Adam Barnes, Seth Hix, Debbie Huneycutt, Mark McCracken, Tammy Miller and Richard Wiley and Pastors Alan Sherouse, Doug Vancil and Courtney Willis.