In this year of such challenge and change, our church leadership has been inspired constantly by the generosity of our church.

In addition to faithful regular giving, you have contributed over $25,000 to COVID-19 response. You have continued to support ministries in our community, both locally and globally. Through special funds and programs, you have provided aid to those living in poverty or experiencing most intensely the economic hardships of this year. And you have done so amidst the uncertainty and challenge faced by all of us at this time.

This end-of-year update on our finances is shared with the full confidence that our church is generous and faithful. But we do want to report where we stand 9 days before the close of our fiscal year. At our recent Church Conference, we shared how our giving saw a notable increase in November (reports available here), and we anticipate that will continue through the end of the year. As such, I want to encourage two critical ways church members can be supportive:

  • Make an end-of-year financial gift to the church to help us finish the work done so well this year. With 9 days left before we close the 2020 books on December 31st, we need around $200,000 to fully meet our 2020 projections. Given reduced expenses this year, we are around $100,000 from covering our spending. These are attainable goals, and we thank you for making it possible. If you are considering and end-of-year contribution, in addition to our Sunday morning offering on December 27, remember that you can give online here, come by the church office to drop off a gift during office hours and through the end of day on December 31, or mail a gift with a 2020 postmark.
  • Make a 2021 Commitment. These pledges are confidential (our pastoral staff, leadership and I do not see them), but they matter a great deal to the church and to the individuals who make them. I know that many in our church face uncertain financial circumstances and the notion of a year-long pledge can be a daunting task, but the act of making a commitment of some kind, and the cumulative number of commitments encourages us by reminding us how much we can do corporately that we could never do alone. Without the conventional “Commitment Sunday” and the critical mass of gathered worship, commitments are currently down from previous trends. But a reminder that cards are available at the church during office hours OR you can quickly submit a confidential commitment online here.

Once again, we give thanks for the generosity of our congregation in the last year, and for the faithfulness that will enable us to finish the 2020 with health and greet the opportunities of 2021 with great hope for our life and ministry together.

Together in Love,