I am Fridin Mihindou. My family and I came to the U.S. (Greensboro) in 2012.

I spoke very little English. It was difficult to begin life here because of the language. Learning English became my first objective so that I can continue school and have friends.

Transportation was a big problem for our family and we were counting on our uncle to take us around.

I started going to the Newcomers School. School not only helped me to learn English, but also gave me friends to play soccer with. And it was great to have friends.

Fridin-EllerApril-2015After being here 6 months, my family was invited to come to church by Miss April Eller and her family. We appreciated the welcome by the youth group and the church members.

I soon joined the youth group and youth choir. One of the highlights for me was the trip to Romania. It was here that I heard what Jesus had done for me, and I gave my life to Jesus.Fridin2-Romania-2014

As a witness I was baptized. I thank the Lord for bringing me here and allowing me to experience His love through you. Amen.

This Faith Story and Testimony was given by Fridin Mihindou in the December 6, 2015 worship service.