In February, a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated communities in Syria and Turkey. More than 57,000 people died with countless others injured. Homes, businesses, schools, and churches have been leveled. More than 8 million people live in the areas impacted by the earthquake. In northwest Syria, over 50% of the population was already food insecure. The suffering experienced in both countries has been unimaginable. 

It will take years to rebuild, but that effort has already begun and we can help. Our special offering this Easter will go to our longtime ministry partner, Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Our gifts this year to BWA will be designated for hunger and  other relief efforts in Turkey and Syria. Within days of the earthquake, BWA marshalled resources to begin providing relief. Their work has not stopped and our gifts this Easter can directly support their ongoing ministry.

At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and life over death. Joining with the Baptist World Alliance and their partners in country, like the Baptist Convention of Syria and the Alliance of Baptist Churches in Turkey, we can help to bring new life and hope to the people of Turkey and Syria. Please consider a generous gift for this important and lifegiving ministry. 

If you have special offering envelopes, you can use that for your donation and you can write “Easter Offering” in the memo line. You can also donate online by clicking here.


To learn more about their efforts in both countries visit the website at: where you can also download their prayer guide.