After 3 months of prayer and discernment, First Baptist is continuing to pursue the unfolding vision of a ministry site in Downtown Greensboro.



So far, our months of discernment, roundtable discussion, prayer walking, and dreaming have helped us to move toward sharpening the vision and mission of a downtown ministry. We have identified core values, potential programs, and congregational energy for the project. During this period, key questions have also been identified that will guide our continued consideration.

At our July church conference, Alan presented several factors that motivate our continued discernment. It is a moment of opportunity for our congregation, given our growing emphasis on community ministry and the resources available to support such ministry. It is, further, a moment of opportunity in our city, in the midst of development in the heart of Greensboro. Additionally, the idea has received support from key community partners and friends, intrigued by the prospect of a faith presence downtown. This has been matched by curiosity, energy, and support from the congregation, and a general sense of the movement of the Spirit throughout our discernment. Finally, our congregation is ready to move past brainstorming and toward concretizing a vision, so that we can carefully consider feasibility and strategy.

From the foundation of the factors above, our Ad Hoc Committee will step forward in the next 3 months to develop a plan around 5 key areas: Vision/Mission, Program/Staff, Partners, Building and Finances. Throughout the next 3 months, we will provide forums for conversation and presentation of the developing plan. At our October church conference, we will present a plan for congregational consideration.

Thank you for your continued prayers and energies as we continue to seek the guidance of the Spirit that helps us see visions and dream dreams.