Guidelines for Safe Gathering


Since May, First Baptist Greensboro has been worshipping on Sundays at 10:30 both in-person in our Sanctuary and online on Facebook and at

In August, we plan to continue the practice of masking for indoor gatherings, pausing previous plans to shift our masking practices. In mid-July, we made plans for an August 1 transition to a practice of “Masking optional for those vaccinated and expected for those unvaccinated.” Since then, we have observed the rise of infections, including so-called “breakthrough infections” among those fully vaccinated. We are also continuing to learn about the impact of the Delta variant. Amidst these trends, the CDC has recently moved to recommend a return to masking indoors in areas of “substantial community transmission.” Guilford County currently classifies as such an area, as seen here

Given our primary commitment to work for the health of our congregation, as well as our desire for all attending First Baptist to have confidence that leadership is working to create the safest possible environment, for now we will continue to operate by our May Gathering Covenant, published below. Under this Covenant, masking is practiced in worship, and small groups of fully vaccinated adults may consider masking optional at the discretion of the group.

Please remember these plans rely on the trust we share as a congregation to keep yourself and those around you safe. Plans are adaptable at any time. We will continue to meet regularly to evaluate trends and make timely adaptations, and will plan to implement shifts to masking when infection rates for our area are again holding.

Our guidelines for safe in-person gathering have been developed with the leadership of our Deacon Task Force in conjunction with guidelines of the CDC and NC Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as in consultation with Community Care of North Carolina.

If you learn you have been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 after attending a gathering at First Baptist Greensboro, please contact Scott North, Church Administrator ( or 336.274.3286 ext. 127) or a member of our pastoral staff so that we can complete necessary contact tracing. Your health information will be held in confidence.

COVID-19 Task Force: Deacons Adam Barnes, Seth Hix, Debbie Huneycutt, Janice Newsom, Brad Wall and Dave Worsley and Pastors Alan Sherouse, Doug Vancil and Courtney Willis.