Our Crisis Response Fund for COVID-19 has enabled First Baptist Greensboro to distribute some $25,000 to organizations responding to this ongoing crisis. Amidst the challenges of this school year, the Missions Committee has identified education as a current funding priority. One of the best ways to support education is to support teachers we believe in, so we are announcing some mini-grants to support the work of our teachers. Teachers and educators who are members and attendees of First Baptist are invited to let us know any needs or projects we can support by emailing Ashley Chandler (ashley@fbcgso.org). There is so much more we would like to do to express appreciation and support for the gifts our teachers offer our community, but we hope this reflects in a small way the love and prayers of our congregation for those who do such meaningful work with such faithfulness and care.

The Crisis Response Fund is made possible by the generosity of the congregation. If you’d like to make a special contribution beyond your normal giving, go to fbcgso.org/give