Sundays: February 26, March 12 &  26

This spring, we’re gathering as a congregation around tables for what will also be holy and important conversations. It’s vital for a healthy church to periodically pause, take a long view, appreciate and celebrate what has been, and consider what will be. Starting this Sunday evening, we will hold 3 Congregational Conversations on the past, present and future of our life and ministry together at First Baptist Greensboro. These will serve as a starting point for us in planning for the next phase of our church’s life and ministry. We’re calling these “Roundtables,” because every one is vital, seen, known, and heard. And there will be plenty of space for you.
Please join us February 26, March 12 and March 26, 4:00-5:45. Each Roundtable will be different, so you can attend any and all. Dinner will be served, and you can make reservations here. We look forward to seeing you at the table!
Thanks to all who have participated in our recent round of Congregational Roundtables. Our conversations have been filled with anticipation and hope for the next years of First Baptist Greensboro’s life and ministry. Watch for a couple upcoming alternative times, where we hope to hold conversations with any unable to join in our Sunday evening timeslot. You may also offer your insights below .
We will report to the church about next phases in our planning process at our Church Conference, April 16.

Online Roundtable Questions 3/26

Our March 12 Roundtable included a K(ool)AID analysis, developed for First Baptist Greensboro’s use by the Center for Congregational Health (healthy and Dr. Chris GambIll. If you were unable to join us in-person, you are welcome to offer responses below.

Online Roundtable Questions 3/12

(What are the good things about the congregation or its ministry you would not want to lose or stop doing? How is some aspect of the congregation unique or innovative? What are the significant resources and assets you want to keep? What are some particularly significant characteristics, or experiences, events, programs, etc., you want to see continue unchanged?)
(What would you like to see added to the congregation or its existing program or ministries? What are some gaps in capabilities that could be met? What is missing?)
(Are there emerging needs that you see? Are there social trends or changes in the community that could be addressed by improving something? Is there new information or research that should be applied to improve the ministry? Do improvements need to be made to cope with potential growth or change?
(Are there aspects of the current ministry that are no longer effective or appropriate and should be discontinued? Has there been a significant decrease in demand for something? Is there a better way that could replace an existing process?)


Online Roundtable Questions

Note, this is a different question from when you started to attend, or when you joined. This is a question of when you knew this was a church home.