Christian Restoration Fund


This year, our Christmas Eve Offering will encourage contributions to the Christian Restoration Fund. The Christian Restoration Fund (CRF) of First Baptist Greensboro works in partnership with the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) to help people move out of poverty, providing support for financial needs such as housing insecurity, inability to afford transportation or car maintenance, and regular child-care. The goal of the CRF is to provide recipients with financial and social assistance as needed to aid in moving participants towards living a financially sustainable, independent life with income above the poverty line. Unlike other funds, the CRF is available to support recipients over a longer period of time agreed upon by them, the IRC liaison, and the Christian Restoration Fund Committee (CRFC). The CRF is overseen by a committee of church members: Norma Adams, Phyllis Conway, Shaun Martin (Chair), Chuck Sample, Joe White and Parker White.

Your gifts and offerings to First Baptist Greensboro support this work, but amidst the economic effects of COVID-19, especially for those most impoverished and vulnerable, we hope you will consider a special Christmas contribution to the CRF. Offerings may be given via mail or online contribution, as outlined at