With the leadership of the Personnel Committee and the approval of the Deacons, First Baptist Greensboro has initiated a plan for leadership of Children’s Ministry in this time of transition.

Autumn Culbreth will serve in an interim role as Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministry, overseeing both areas of our First Baptist’s ministry. This expands Autumn’s current role as Director of the First Baptist Preschool. In addition to her leadership of the Preschool, Autumn and her family have been a vital part of First Baptist for a decade, and Autumn is a faithful leader in Children’s Ministry and other areas of church life. We are grateful she will serve in this important role, which draws¬†on her expertise, relationships, and trusted leadership with our children, families and entire church community.

As Autumn’s job expands, Lindsay Worsley¬†will also join our staff in an interim role as Coordinator for Preschool and Children’s Ministry. Lindsay is herself an “alum” of the Children’s Ministry, having grown up at First Baptist. She has served as a volunteer in many of our programs, and has most recently been involved in Children’s Ministry as a parent to son, Ryder. Lindsay will graduate from UNC-G this December. In her role, she will work with Autumn and other leaders to help coordinate events, enlist volunteers, communicate plans, and support the overall programming of both the Children’s Ministry and Preschool.

With the affirmation of the Deacons at their November 8 meeting, this arrangement begins immediately and will continue as we search for the next minister to lead our ministry to children and families. We are grateful for the leadership of the Personnel Committee in forming this plan, as we remain grateful to Christina McCord for her support in transition.

With questions related to the interim plan or search process for Children’s Ministry, please contact Pastor Alan Sherouse or Personnel Chair, Andrew Donovan.