Remembrance & Renewal Combine in First Baptist’s Newly Renovated Chapel


The countless Chapel weddings, funerals, Bible studies and prayer services over the last 66 years have made it a sacred space for our congregation. Now it begins a new era with the promise of expanded opportunities. As we meet to worship and study in the newly renovated room we will be surrounded not only by memories of holy times past, but also furnishings that connect us to our history. Both the pulpit rescued from the 1885 sanctuary fire on Elm Street, and the communion table used in the West Market location since 1906 have been carefully restored by Rev. Erich Thompson and placed in the Chapel.

We give thanks for all whose gifts and commitment attended to every detail of this renovation, especially our Chapel Renovation Committee: Sharon Barlow, Deacon chairperson; Jim Clontz, Deacon; Rob Young, Finance chairperson; Anita Wilson, Finance; Jack Sharp, Building and Grounds chairperson; Dave Worsley, Building and Grounds; Alan Sherouse, Pastor; Doug Vancil, Associate Pastor: Music and Worship; Rosemary Kellam, Director of Operations.

Chapel renovations were made possible through a generous gift from the bequest of member Dan McCormick in memory of his parents, Gladys and Robert McCormick.


The Chapel formally reopened on March 26 for services throughout Holy Week

The Chapel features a restoration of the Communion table, originally used in the West Market Street campus in 1906

Rev. Erich Thompson restored First Baptist’s original pulpit, which was rescued from an 1885 fire

The Chapel formally reopened on March 26 for services throughout Holy Week

Congregants gather for the first worship service in the reopened Chapel