by Christina McCord, Minister to Children and Families


_small_water_drops1Is the water going to be cold?  Will I have time to dry my hair?  What do you wear under the robe?  Where do I change into my clothes?  These are just a few of the many questions that raced through my 36 year old mind the weeks leading up to my baptism.

You see, I was baptized as an infant and through my interview process and my time at First Baptist, I discovered that I wanted to experience Believer’s Baptism for myself.  On October 7, as I stood in the warm waters of the Baptistry, I looked out and saw my family, my parents who came into town for the special occasion, and my son, Grant, waving in excitement and pride as he witnessed his mom standing up high, front and center.  There was my church family, all seated in the pews.  My dear friend, Courtney, read my statement of faith and hearing the words that I wrote brought about a reaction that I couldn’t prepare for.  Tears started to fill my eyes and I was overcome with emotion.  I was standing before my church family and proclaiming my faith.

This experience did not disappoint.  It was powerful.  Moving.  Transformational.  Symbolic.

I was able to experience the same questions, emotions, anxieties and excitement that the very children that I minister to will one day experience for themselves.  The week following my baptism I felt different, I felt lighter, as if the burdens that I carried before were not as heavy.  Jesus does promise that, doesn’t he?  His yoke is easy and his burden is light.

The water was warm.  I didn’t have time to dry my hair.  I wore gym clothes under my robe.  And I had a dressing room to change into my clothes.  But most importantly, I was transformed.