We want to share a prayer for the start of a new school year by Rev. Amy Starr Russell. We hope that this prayer carries all students, teachers, and administrators at the start of this new school year. Artwork by Silver Tree Art


On Back to School Sunday, we shared the new theme for FBCKids, “Goodness All Around”. This theme sprang from a place of wanting to shift from focusing on all that has been hard for us for the past 3 years toward what good is surrounding us in the here and now. The hope is that when we focus on the good, it can give us strength to make it through the tough stuff. Think of it as a “glimmer”, which are small moments that spark joy or peace that we generally notice when we are feeling safe and calm. Noticing the good can help us feel safe and calm. We hope everyone takes this with them as they adjust to the rhythms of a new school year.


Sunday, August 27th in worship

On Sunday, August 27 in worship, we will be offering a blessing to all of our students, educators, and administrators. Children and youth are invited to bring their backpacks to worship as we bless the start of the school year. We also will be doing a school supply drive for our mission partner, Washington Montessori Elementary. All are welcome to bring supplies to the sanctuary! When you are back to school shopping, grab a few of these items to bring on Back to School Sunday:



Colored Markers

Glue Sticks

Filler Paper

Composition Books