“And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

On this day 38 years ago, my parents were at the hospital anxiously awaiting my arrival into the world. Now, I know that my entry into the world was far less significant than the birth of Christ, but I imagine that the waiting, the anticipation and the excitement are emotions that many experienced as they waited for the Son of God to come and live among them.

Jesus came into this world as a newborn baby. He grew up as we do. He learned to walk, he went to school, he had friends and he experienced struggles and disappointments. He was betrayed and he forgave. He loved in a way that can make many uncomfortable. I imagine he felt intensely. The difference between us and Jesus is that throughout his life, he walked in tandem with God.

He never ventured away from God as we do when we sin. He came to show us how to love and how to live. Jesus was not an idea of God, but God himself in human form. He was real. In Christ, God becomes conjoined to all creation.

When Jesus walked on the earth, people could see God’s presence shining through him. They saw the importance of God in their lives. When they looked in the eyes of Jesus, they looked at God. When they came to experience Jesus, they experienced God. When they listened to Jesus teach, they heard God teach. When they witnessed Jesus show mercy and justice, they witnessed the mercy of God. In Jesus we see God. In bringing us grace, he changed the world.

This Advent season, we celebrate God’s greatest gift that came to us in the flesh as a newborn baby. He made a humble dwelling among us so we all can be transformed. I hope we will newly experience this life-giving gift this season and throughout the year. As Jesus wants to make his dwelling among us, let’s open wide our hearts and welcome him.

Christina McCord is 38 years-old. She is the daughter to Darl and Vicki Champion, wife to Jason, mom to Grant and Jake, minister to a bunch of precious kids, bad at keeping her house clean, loves to go to the beach, enjoys having lunch with friends, LOVES her awesome colleagues, is slightly irreverent, sometimes too honest, gets easily excited…and distracted, and loves Jesus!